Remake of the Wimpy Dagwood 🍞🍳🍔🍴

Last week i tried to make a very interesting toasted sandwich.. it might not taste exactly like Wimpy’s but it’s sure as hell comfort food on a whole other level.
Hope you enjoy!☺

And don’t forget to email me pics of your dishes as well as ask any queries on 💋



3 slices of bread
1 egg
2 slices polony
1 beef patty
Handful of grated cheese
Chilli sauce

Begin with frying your patty and polony in fry pans.

While they are cooking, start assembling your sandwich, put ghee or butter on the sides of 2 slices for toasting and start stacking with the heat on low.

Place the first slice of bread then place the cooked patty and polony followed by cheese, chilli sauce and mustard. Then place a slice of bread ontop of that.

Fry the egg and then place ontop of the second slice of bread, season with salt and pepper and then close off the sandwich with the third slice of bread.
Toast as usual and serve with chips if you like.
Happy cooking!❤


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