Steak & Mash Pizza 🍕❤





2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp Baking powder
1/4 pound butter.rub all together
1/4 cup warm milk
1/4 cup boiling water.


Mix together the flour, salt, baking powder, butter. Rub all these ingredienrs together in a bowl, well incorporating it between your fingers. Then add warm milk and boiling water. Pour little at a time into flour to make a soft dough.



2 to 3 cups steak cubed
2 tbls ghee
Half a big onion chopped
1 tsp garlic
1 and a half tsp salt
Pinch of haldi
1 and a half tbls chilli powder
Half tsp pepper
Half tsp Dhani jeera
1tsp Chops spice
Half tsp ground chillies
2tbls tomato puree
2tbls Crystals Sandwich Man sauce
2tbls mustard sauce
2tbls Maggies Chilli garlic sauce
Smash (packet mash)
1 cup Mozarella cheese
1 cup gouda cheese (you can use more, depends on how much you are making)

Put ghee into a medium sized pot and caramalize onions, then add in the steak after a few minutes and put in the garlic, salt, haldi, chilli powder, pepper, dhani jeera, chops spice and ground chillies.

Cook till done then add tomato puree, crystals sauce, mustard sauce and Maggies chilli garlic sauce.
It must be wet nd saucy.

Roll out dough, make smash by emptying the contents of the packet and mix it with boiling water, salt and pepper.
Place the smash on raw base, then steak filling.
Decorate with red, yellow, green peppers.
Sprinkle origanum ontop and cover with foil.
Bake for 30 minutes. When the dough is done remove foil then add mozarella and gouda grated cheese.
Place back in oven for 2minutes until cheese melts.



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