Gaby’s Pan Fried Calamari with Chilli & Garlic 🐙🍴

This recipe won’t take more than 10 minutes! Make sure not to overcook the calamari as it could taste too chewy. Also this recipe requires Gaby’s sauce, which is a sauce that is made by a restaurant in Umhlanga Durban. For your convenience it is available at Habib’s Supermarket on Brickfield Road in Durban. For my international readers that cannot get ahold of this sauce, you can use any spicy seafood sauce or Chilli sauce of your preference for this dish.

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Happy Cooking!☺




1 packet of calamari (any type, I used about 2 cups of calamari for this recipe)
1 green chilli chopped fine
1 tbls garlic paste
1tbls lemon juice
1tsp salt
1tbls crushed chillies
Half tsp black pepper
3tbls butter
1 bottle Gaby’s sauce


Take a fry pan and put the heat on medium. Add the butter and wait till its melted, then put in the calamari.


Add your garlic, salt, pepper, crushed chillies and lemon juice.


Cook the calamari for 7 to 8 minutes. (Mines took about 5 extra minutes because it was frozen and needed to thaw out)

Once its cooked pour over as much Gaby’s sauce as you would like, I used about 4 tablespoons. Serve on a plate and garnish with chopped chillies.


Enjoy! ❤

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