Adega’s Seafood Pasta 🍤🍝

Normally when I go to the well known restaurant Adega’s in Durban (South Africa) for all my international readers. I enjoy eating their pasta as its a combination of Italian and seafood.
It’s quite easy to make and won’t take longer than 45 minutes even if you’re working at a slow pace.

PS: If any of you are trying out my recipes at home and want to share some pics of it, please do so by emailing me at and you could be featured on the blog!  πŸ™‚




1tsp chilli garlic paste
1tsp salt
1tsp lemon pepper
1tsp chilli powder
3tbls lemon juice
3tbls tomato puree
2tbls mayonaise
2tbls butter
125ml fresh cream
500g prawns deveined and shelled
1 packet linguine pasta


Put pasta to boil for about 20 minutes,
While pasta is boiling marinate prawns in all the above ingredients except the butter and fresh cream
Put butter into a fry pan and cook prawns for about 4 mins on high without making the sauce burn off completely
Once done you can add chillies for heat
Then once pasta is done,  drain and add prawns to it and the mix in the fresh cream
Adding cheese and diced shallots is optional at the end!
Enjoy ❀😍


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